Welcome to the Future of PR

It’s always been the same. If you’re serious about generating press for your business, hire a PR agency. But PR firms use old school methodology and reel you into expensive agreements that last, at minimum, three months. It’s time for an overhaul. We elevate PR to a whole new level. With us you get powerful tools so you know exactly how reporters are reacting every step of the way … a first in the industry. Best of all, you can pay as you go. That means no long term contracts and no hidden fees. We’re simply how PR should have always been.

Pick a Plan

Simple, transparent pricing. No set-up or hidden fees. Pay as you go.

We Contact Reporters

We reach out to key journalists and influential bloggers.

Track Everything

See what happens to our emails after we press send. Holy cow!

Get More News Coverage

Use the data and analytics to maximize your news coverage. Awesome.
The Homepage of Yahoo, a TV Spot on the Today Show, Frontpage of the Huffington Post ...

We leverage our contacts day in and day out to generate as much exposure for your business as possible. Whether you're a global brand or a startup looking to launch your product, we work our contacts hard and use powerful data and analytics to grow your business superfast.